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fandomfairies's Journal

We're here. We're queer. We're also in fandom
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Who are we?

"It's not a hobby, it's an obsession; first and foremost, we are fans.

But more than that - we are queer. We are trans, we are gay, we wear dresses, we don't wear dresses. There are many of us in the world, and many in fandom. Isn't it about time we unite?"

-Words of inspiration by sparklebutch, who's helped in setting up the comm.

Maintainer's words- our purpose.

* To create a place for fandom-oriented trans/queer people. because we're not usually grouped together within the fandom, even when we tell ourselves 'there must be more like us'.
* To talk about trans visibility and issues within our communities as well as our personal lives. Anything goes, this should be our place to properly manifest ourselves.
[Of course, anyone who supports the cause or wants to be our friend can join as well.]

Places to go...- Trans comics:


Pimp- our personal websites:
http://kel.crazysheep.net/ -nematoddity
http://www.allmyfault.org/jay7sb/ (Jay/Silent Bob archives, including Kel's works.)
http://www.squidge.org/glitterjungle -sparklebutch
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